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[TRANS] 220105 Musical ‘Frida’ opens on March 1st!…cast revealed.

The world premiere creative musical ‘Frida’, created by EMK Musical Company, writer Gu Suh-hwa, and composer Huh Su-hyun, will open at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts S Theater in March.

On Jan 6th, EMK Musical Company announced the casting of the musical ‘Frida’ along with the main poster. The musical “Frida” which will be performed at the S Theater of the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts on March 1, is the first small and medium-sized theater work in the EMK original series and depicts the life of “Frida Kahlo” a great Mexican female painter and revolutionary. The poster of “Frida” which was released together, stands out with the logo of “Frida” which looks like wearing a bright flower crown against a green canvas-textured background reminiscent of her world of work.

Inspired by ‘Frida Kahlo’, who shouted ‘Viva la Vida (Long live life)’ even in a life of suffering, Chu Jong hwa (writer/director), Huh Soo-hyun (music director), and Kim Byeong-jin (choreographer), who created the musical ‘Frida’, Interview’, ‘Smoke’, ‘Ludwig: Beethoven the Piano’, and ‘Blue Rain’ are a duo called the myth of Daehangno small and medium theater musical world. Attention is also focused on the meeting between EMK, which is challenging the first project of small and medium-sized theaters, and the musical “Frida.” Attention is focusing on the masterpieces that EMK, which made a mark in the performance world with original contents such as Matahari, The man who laughs, and Xcalibur by localizing authentic European musicals such as “Rebecca” “Elisabeth” and “Mozart!”

‘Frida Kahlo’ suffered from polio and a car accident that broke her body and lived with the aftereffects of her life, but she did not lose the joy of life by sublimating her pain into art. Also called the “Queen of Pain,” she is the first Latin American female artist to display her work at the Louvre by capturing the strongest and most passionate life in contemporary art history, as well as being recognized by Pablo Picasso and Marcel Duchamp.

The playwright Gu Suh Hwa, who wanted to make the best show like a ceremony for Frida Kahlo, who sublimated her past life into art, unravels Frida’s last life with a unique concept and format of a show. Here, composer Huh Soo-hyun plans to fantastically unravel the show that ‘Frida’ will fit into the end of her life with her unique, dramatic music. Frida, who appeared as a guest on ‘The Last Night Show’ at the last moment of her life, tells the story of her life with Reflejar, Destino, and Memoria, who mysteriously unravel the stories of her childhood and the people she met.

Talented actors were cast to embody Frida’s life on the stage.

Actresses Choi Jeong-won and Kim So-hyang were named for the role of ‘Frida’, who passionately and fiercely loved her life and devoted her whole body to art work, turning pain into joy. In the role of ‘Frida’, who has to express the life of ‘Frida’ through dancing and singing while roaming the stage for 100 minutes, Choi Jeong-won, a living legend of Korean musicals, plays the role of ‘Frida’.

Kim So-hyang, who has produced a wide fandom with her heartbreaking singing skills, outstanding dance skills, and delicate and deep acting skills, will perform on the stage of the musical ‘Frida’. Kim So-hyang, who showed strong stage dominance in various works such as the musical ‘Marie Antoinette’ and ‘Marie Curie’, during the tryout, showed the life and art world of Frida exclusively through dance and singing, so she plans to show a deeper stage.

Actresses Jeon Soo-mi and Lisa will play the role of Reflejar, who plays Diego Rivera, Frida’s lover and alter ego, as hosts of “The Last Night Show”. Jeon Soo-mi, who proved her skills through solid singing skills and beautiful acting skills through works such as the musical “BeetleJuice” “Monte Cristo” and “Mozart!” will participate once again after the tryout performance. Anticipation is high for the figure of Reflejar that he will portray once again, who gave freshness to the audience by expressing Diego’s ‘Humming Bird’ towards Frida through tap dance.

Actress Lisa, who is active in various fields and shows off her charms, will also be on stage again following a tryout performance, including the release of her debut song remake song and the appearance as a vocal teacher in the girl group audition program “After School Excitement.” With its colorful scats and singing skills, Diego’s Humming Bird will capture the audience.

After the accident that caused ‘Frida’ to fall into pain, actors Lim Jeong-hee and Jung Young-ah will take on the role of ‘Destino’, who slowly approaches her and tries to cast a shadow of death. Lim Jeong-hee, widely known as a singer loved by the public for her unparalleled overwhelming singing skills in singing programs such as ‘Immortal Song’, ‘The Playlist’, and ‘King of Mask Singer’ After a long time, she meet the audience on stage. Lim Jeong-hee, who has overwhelming singing ability and a lot of stage experience, is expected to show another charm through the role of ‘Destino’.

Choi Seo-yeon, Huh Hye-jin, and Hwang Woo-rim were cast in Memoria, which plays another Frida in parallel to Frida’s childhood. Choi Seo-yeon, who has established her own style for her skills encompassing various media such as the musical “Hope” “Sweeney Todd” and the drama “Penthouse” depicts her own “Memoria” which was well-received in a tryout performance, once again on stage.

Heo Hye-jin, who has original character analysis and stable singing skills, will play after the musicals “Fan Letter” “Park Yeol” and “Blue Rain” boasting a 200% synchronization with young Frida “Memoria,” which has pure charm. Hwang Woo-rim, who has been receiving love calls from various places since her appearance in “Mister Trot 2” chose “Frida” as her return work after the musical “Grease.” Having already proven her skills by playing as the main vocalist in the girl group Pink Lady, she plans to show a unique tone and performance.

Meanwhile, the musical ‘Frida’, which interprets the life of ‘Frida Kahlo’ as a musical, will open on March 1 at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts S Theater.

Source: Playdb

Trans/Shared by: Musical in Life

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