[TRANS] 190612 The play ‘Misery’ Reveals 4 main posters with intense eyes.


The play “Misery” (played by Hwang In-rok, production groupite) has unveiled its main poster.

The play “Misery” starring Kim Sang-joong, Ahn Jae-wook, Gil Hae-yeon and Kim Sung-ryung, is an adaptation of Stephen King’s novel, a leading U.S. writer, which is drawing attention as the best-anticipated film of 2019. It portrays psychological horror and tension, showing the frenzied obsession of Annie Wilkes, a fanatic fan of best-selling author Paul Sheldon.

The poster, released this time, captures the breathtaking psychological warfare that unfolds between Paul Sheldon and Annie Wilkes. He directed a scene from Annie Wilkes, who imprisoned injured Paul Sheldon and urges him to write a novel as he pleases. Along with close-up cuts that even capture the actors’ detailed facial expressions, the slogan “I’m Your N0.1 Fan” clearly shows the color of the play’s work.

In particular, the overwhelming performance of luxury actors, who average 30 years of acting, dominates the poster’s atmosphere. Kim Sang-joong and Ahn Jae-wook perfectly recreated Paul Sheldon with a tired look and shaky eyes. Gil Hae-yeon and Kim Sung-ryung, who play Annie Wilkes, express their obsessed characters with crazy eyes that contrast their expressionless faces and make them feel eerie. Also, the subtle air of emotion flowing between the two characters leads to tension and vividly conveys the atmosphere of the work.

The piece will be performed from June 13 to Sept. 15 at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts in Gwanghwamun, central Seoul.

Source: News Culture

Trans/Shared by: Musical in Life



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